Most people know us for our amazing Bootcamps and specialty classes so here you can find how they work and what other fun stuff we have in store at Crush Fitness!

Crush Camp

Crush Camp is bootcamp style classes focused on giving you the essentials for your physical health. Crush Camp classes will rotate daily through a Push Day, Pull Day, Lower Day, and Full Body day. Each class is uniquely designed to allow your body adequate time to rest and recover while simultaneously ensuring you are able to work out all the muscles in your body to maximize your results!

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Cosmic Power

Cosmic Power is probably our highest rated specialty class! Cosmic Power combines the amazing feeling you get with neon and  strobed lights with the incredible feeling of music and exhilarating workouts. Here our trainers design workouts that switch your regular routine into something fun and entertaining for all!

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Booty Bootcamp

Booty Bootcamp is designed exactly how it sounds. Booty Bootcamp is there to not only target the glutes and help shape the bottoms we all desire, but to also focus on the muscles that surround your glutes to support that amazing bottom!

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